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Call 01423 561414 For Appointments & 24 Hour Emergency Service
Call 01423 561414 For Appointments & 24 Hour Emergency Service

Our Support Team

Sue Unsworth

Sue joined VetHospital in 2007 – having run her own Riding stables business for many years, and with a sales and marketing background in the brewery industry it was her addiction to animals that won out! She initially joined to assist Bob, but has now taken on many roles, practice administrator, and reception manager! She still finds time for her horse Billy, working cocker Minnie, two cats Jasmine and Rocksie. Rocksie was abandoned at OakBeck and Sue's husband is still not convinced that free animals is a perk of the job!

Tony Woodhouse

Tony has been our bookkeeper since 2007, winning much praise from our accountant for his methodical approach to bringing order to the piles of receipts he is confronted with. Over the years he has shared his home and workplace with fifteen rescued cats, ranging from kittens to old codgers.

Ammy Beecroft

Ammy is a retired soldier who has worked for VetHospital since 2004 as a receptionist and has been the face of our Ripon branch for the last 6 years. She is the happy landlord to 9 cats and 2 dogs, which she says is one of the many reasons she is single.

Alison Alderson

Allison started working for VetHospital in 2007 and has a keen interest in animals and their well being. She has two adorable cats of her own which she loves dearly. Outside of work she enjoys walks in the countryside, wildlife photography, astronomy and singing.

We are very proud of the fact that Allison was National runner-up in the Pet Plan Receptionist of the year award in 2014. It was a fantastic prize giving party and we thought of her as our winner!

Abbie Ireson

Abbie joined our reception team early 2011 and enjoys the interaction with all our clients and their pets. Abbie achieved a BSc in Equine science with a 1st in 2010 and then continued on to study an MSc as an Equine and Canine Back Specialist, due to graduate this year. In her spare time Abbie enjoys all countryside activities, mainly competing her horse, walking their two dogs and tending to their small menagerie of chickens, sheep and pigs!

Suzanne Minasian

Rachel Jamieson

Jane Galvin

Lottie Light

Christina Thomson

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